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Q. Where are you located? We wanted to bring TV to your shop.

A. We are located in Swannanoa NC. We don't take any TV's in. We do ONLY IN HOME service. If you really need to bring your TV to the shop, you will need to find someone else.



Q. Are TV's generally worth fixing?

A. This will depand on number of factors.

1. Size of TV.  If TV is smaller than 30" chances are repair will cost you same if not more than buing a brand new tv of same size.

2. Age of TV. If TV is older than 15 years, it would be wise to put money toward new TV. Even if we can find parts and fix your old TV, it still going to be outdated and compatable with most new HD equipment.


Q. My screen is cracked, can you repair the screen?

A. NO  If LCD, LED or Plasma screen is cracked/ damaged the only way to fix it is to replace the whole screen. It will not be economical.

Please read How much does it cost to repair or replace a TV Screen for more information.