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TV Repair FAQ

Is my TV worth fixing?

My TV screen is cracked (physically damaged), can my TV still be repaired?

What kind of TV should I buy?

Where to buy a TV?



Is my TV worth fixing?  TV's are getting so cheap.


 This  is probably the most asked question that we get lately. Considering today's low prices, if your TV is under 32" most likely it would be wise to just go ahead and replace your TV. On TV's over 32", especially 46" and larger, It would be worth to at least check the TV out.  A lot of cheaper TV's you can find in the store now days are off brand Chinese products and would barley last through the warranty period. If you have well known brand name  of TV, it might be a lot better quality TV than you can buy now.  If you get  it repaired, it may last a lot longer than cheaper made TV that you will buy. Feel free to give us a call or ask your question online, a lot of times we can tell you how much your TV repair will cost based on your model number and problem description.




My TV screen is cracked (physically damaged), can my TV still be repaired?

tv cracked screen


Most likely not. If your TV has broken screen, the only way to repair it is to replace LCD/LED Panel (Plasma Display Panel on Plasma TV). Unfortunately most of the times price of the replacement panel (screen) is close to 85-90% of TV price. Therefore if you have broken screen on your TV,  the repair simply  will not be economical, even if you have a latest 70" LED TV. The only times we replace LCD or Plasma screens is when repair is covered by manufacturers or extended warranty and customer does not have to pay for repair. Any physical damage to your TV's screen is usually not covered by manufacturers or extended warranty, unless you purchased additional accidental warranty, which is not very common.




I decided to buy a new TV, what kind of TV should I buy?

What kind of TV to buy in Asheville NCThere is so many choices and price difference, when it comes to buying a new TV.  Should you just buy a cheapest TV of desired size or go with most advanced, top of the line 3D model?

There is a lot of different TV's in the store, different brands, different TV technologies (LCD , LED, Plasma, DLP), it's really easy to get lost when you trying to buy a new TV.  There is also many different electronic stores in Asheville area, where should you start?

There is no short answer to this questions, however will try to give you some useful suggestions.

1.  Brand name .

Most common mistake people make when they buy a new TV is buy the cheapest one. Past  several years  we see a lot of new brands in the stores. The prices on these brands are usually very attractive. They may look  pretty good at first glance, however if you look at it from slight angle, picture quality starts degrading,  it gets darker, loses contrast. This is first signs of cheaply made LCD/LED Panel. When we take these TV's apart, it becomes even more obvious that they are not made to last. From cheap plastic, to bad quality printed circuit boards and display panels , they look cheap, they feel cheap, and they simply just will not last. On the top of  that, parts are not available after year or two, and when TV stops  working it may not be even possible to repair due to parts availability.  So when you buy a new TV, try to stick with well known brands that's been on the market for 10 years or more.

Some of our favorite TV brands are Samsung,  LG, Visio and Sony. These brands usually have  great picture quality,excellent viewing angle,  good parts availability and pricing. They also last for over 10 years.

LCD, LED or Plasma?

As far as TV technologies these three types of TV's you will have to choose from.

Where to buy a new TV?

tv-storeIn today's modern world we get use to online buying. Why not to take advantages of new technologies and order TV online in matter of just few clicks?

Not so fast. Even though its tempting to just go ahead and order TV from Amazon or some other online retailer and save few bucks, there is some disadvantages. We've had several service calls for TV installation. When we unpacked the TV, plugged it in and then turned it on, we realized that screen was damaged. Shipping box however was intact, undamaged.  Customer had a  long journey of getting TV replacement since he couldn't blame it on shipper. When you buy TV locally you also getting great support (most of the times) and if it comes worst, you can always call or even walk in the store and talk to REAL people. If you are looking to buy a new TV in Asheville area, we suggest to check Best Buy, HH GREGG, Wal-Mart or Sams Club. You can check for any kind of specials online. You might be able to find free delivery, 0% financing or great discounts in some of those stores. Buy buying your TV (or anything else) locally, you also supporting our local business.