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Why Service Calls? 


wires-behind-tv Disconnecting TV


A lot of times get TV connected with other equipment (surround sound, DVD, satellite, etc.) can be a big and time consuming job. By choosing In Home Service you will eliminate that problem. After repair is done we will make sure that everything is connected back and all components work properly with your TV.


cracked-lcd-tvTransporting TV


Many TV’s get damaged on the way to the shop. Or even worse on the way back home. Imaging after paying for a service on your TV, just before you almost got to the second floor, carrying that Huge TV, your dog (happy that TV is back) jumps on you and… You wish you paid for a service call...




Some TV’s require adjustments after transporting. Good example is Rear Projection TV’s. This type of TV needs convergence adjustments after moving. Sometimes basic adjustments in customer menu will not take care of that problem and you would still need technician in your home .


tv-not-readyWait Time


“Is my TV Ready?” That’s most coming type of call to a Television Shop. Usually You have to wait several days or even weeks when you bring TV to the shop. We repair 75+% on the very first call, so there’s virtually NO WAIT TIME.